Laptop to Chromebook for $50

Turn an old laptop into a Chromebook 

If you like the idea of giving your old system a Chromebook like lease on life, good news. WeBenefitAll can assist you.  WeBenefitAll LLC works with local college students to provide them an opportunity to learn some new technology, establish enterprise resource planning process and logistics, develop marketing plans to assist their community and also make a little money too assisting others.    WeBenefitAll LLC “Mutually Driven To Benefit ALL”  chromebook

Common scenario: You buy a new laptop, thinking you’ll sell, donate or hand down the old one. But it never happens. Maybe you don’t want to deal with the hassles of Craigslist or Ebay. Not to mention wiping all your data, reinstalling Windows and so on.

Whatever the case, now it’s just taking up space. But it doesn’t have to: You can give that old laptop new life.

For whatever reason, less and less people are buying  laptops. They buy Chromebooks.  Elementary schools are buying Chromebooks.   Tablets were great for a while, but people wanted keyboards… a glass screen doesn’t feel the same as typing on the keyboard.  Look at all the tablets that come with keyboards now.

Why buy a new tablet or laptop computer, when your old laptop can be that new portable device you were looking for.

chromebook images

So How Does This work?

  1. Copy any files you want to keep from your old laptop onto a USB flash drive.  Files like word documents,  PDFs, spreadsheets, pictures, movies, music.
  2. Send your laptop in the mail to WeBenefitAll.
  3. The student interns will convert your laptop to a chromebook.
  4. If your computer meets the minimum laptop specs see below, you will be returned a new Chromebook for $50 plus the cost of round trip shipping.
  5. If  WeBenefitAll can’t get your laptop to convert to a Chromebook, you will be refunded the return shipping and the $50 fee to convert your laptop, provided it meets the minimum laptop specifications shown below.


Where to send your laptop

Click here to obtain the mailing address near you to send your laptop.


Click here for a link to a list of  laptops that can be converted.  If you don’t see  your laptop listed contact us and send us the make and model number of your laptop and we will help you determine if your laptop is compatible.


Minimum Laptop Specs

RAM: 2GB or greater    ( in some cases 1GB will work too)

Hard Drive Storage space: 16GB or more

Ability to boot from a flash drive:  This means when you turn on your laptop, is there a prompt that says F1 for set up… or a similar prompt like     F12 for boot order.

Processor and Graphics:  Laptops from 2007 or newer.  Some older ones may work too.  Needs to have an intel processor.


Skills the students obtain

  1. Establishing at their University the logistics and enterprise planning to manage the flow of laptops to the IT students performing the conversion process.
  2. IT students learn about the technology involved the converting the laptop to a chromebook using Chromium,  the OS that’s at the heart of Chromebooks — those fast-booting, cloud-powered devices that are so popular these days.
  3. Marketing and Finance students learn how to establish a marketing plan that fits their university and how to develop a cost analysis to process these laptops into chromebooks.